Top 5 Free Facebook Hackers (No Root)

Facebook is a huge social network until now. It has a large number of users that can be more than 10 countries combined. Moreover, people use Facebook for a variety of personal and business purposes. It has gone beyond being a forum to connect people together. People often use Facebook to promote their products, sharing all their daily life information for people on Facebook in return for likes and comments, connecting them with people from anywhere in this vast world. As such, nothing could be better than being able to hack your kid’s Facebook account and know exactly what your kids are doing and thinking from the account’s privacy.

We have found a solution for you to be able to hack Facebook ID, we are confident that you will use this power that we will give you to help you manage your children and prevent stop bad guys in a hurry to harm your children. So no need to advertise more, next I will introduce you to some hackers and the best method for you!


Part 1: Facebook Hacker – Copy9

Proposal according to research all our methods, the best Facebook ID hacking application is Copy9. This is a very reputable Facebook ID spy application that works well at a reasonable price. With it, you can not only know your child’s Facebook ID, but you can also view all activities in the Facebook account of your child’s target phone as easily and remotely as their conversations. Your children chat with friends and can be bad guys in society. You even have the ability to change accounts. For example, if you find that your children are talking to someone who has a negative influence on their psychology or actions, are you able to remove those bad guys from your child’s friends list and block them permanently? Can text with your children anymore.

  1. Advantages of the application:
    Copy9 is compatible with all modern mobile devices today with the Android operating system, which has more than 1 billion devices in use.
  2. You will gain access to the dashboard from which you can do whatever you want. Basically, you can view the log of all functions of the target phone and hack Facebook ID. Especially with this product you can try it for 2 days before choosing to buy it.
  3. You will receive enthusiastic technical support 24/7 from the company’s support staff.
  4. Most other products that require your target phone to be rooted, this can help the target person easily discover that they are being tracked. But with Copy9 app you don’t need root. This can be considered the biggest advantage because you can hardly root your phone.
  5. It has a very safe and fast payment method for you.

copy9 app



Part 2: Online Facebook ID Hacker – Face Geek

Face Geek is a free online Facebook ID hacker tool that allows you to easily perform and hack Facebook ID quickly as long as you have the Facebook ID of the target audience.


  1. Quick and easy to use.
  2. Free tool.
  3. Can hack Facebook ID online without having to download any other support tools.
  4. You do not need physical access to the target’s phone.


  1. This is not a reliable source as Copy9 introduced above.
  2. There are very few reviews about this tool, only the site’s internal testimonials.

How to hack Facebook ID using Face Geek:

  1. Go to the Face Geek website and then enter the Facebook ID of the target audience you want to hack.
  2. Next, you can take a sip of coffee and wait for the results from the Face Geek program that is hacking the target account and showing it to you. It takes no more than 3 minutes.
  3. Congratulations! You’ve successfully hacked the Facebook ID of your target audience and it’s so easy!


Part 3: Online Facebook ID Hacker – Forgot Password Method

This is a simple and completely legal hacking method to hack Facebook ID. For this method, you can basically use the internal Facebook website itself to hack itself and hack the Facebook ID!


  1. Fast, effective and completely legal.
  2. You do not need to rely on any other third-party websites or applications.


  1. You need to have a Facebook ID and target email address to be able to do this successfully (it is very difficult to get email).
  2. You need to access the email account for this.
  3. Hacked people can easily find out that they’ve been hacked by email.

How to hack Facebook ID using the “Forgot Password” method:

1. First, access the Facebook ID of the target audience and then go to the Forgot password option.

2. You will be required to enter the correct email address or username of the account. Enter any type of target account you know.


3. Then they will move to a new page, you will be asked to reset your Password with three types of forms to choose from. Next, choose to reset your account password via email.

4. Facebook will send the security code to the email account of the Facebook account you want to hack. Then you enter the security code sent via email.


5. Now Facebook will ask you to reset your password for this account. Please enter a new password and you should set a high difficulty password.

6. The final step is to select “Stay logged in”

You now have complete control over the target person’s account. You can follow their messages or who they have befriended and more specifically you can change all their information.

Part 4: Online Facebook ID Hacker – Sam Hacker

Sam Hacker is an online Facebook ID hacker website with a fairly simple way. For this tool, you just need to get the email ID of the target Facebook account you’re trying to hack.


  1. Quick and effective.
  2. No need to download additional applications.
  3. It is not mandatory for you to click on ads
  4. Free stuff.


  1. Unreliable website.
  2. There are no reviews from the site nor the users.

How to hack Facebook ID using Sam Hacker:

  1. First you visit the Sam Hacker website.
  2. Then enter the email address of the target Facebook account.
  3. You will be “View the demo” so you can easily imagine how to hack it.
  4. Next, you click on “Hack” to be able to start the process of hacking Facebook.
  5. You will get the password within 5 minutes or maybe faster.
  6. Finally, you can use your newly acquired password to log into the target Facebook account. Depending on your personal goals, you can view what is in your account silently or you can even change your password and the details inside.


Part 5: Online Facebook ID Hacker – Face Off

Face Off is a Facebook ID hacker website similar to other tools that you can hack special target accounts as long as you have their Facebook account URL. It’s a bit risky because it’s controlled and operated by a group of hackers. When you provide the URL, they will take over and start hacking the account and in a few minutes and then you will receive the target’s password.


  1. Completely anonymous and no chance of discovery.
  2. It is free.
  3. Online. There is no need to download any other files to your computer.
  4. No need to directly access your Facebook account.


  1. Unreliable and slightly risky.
  2. There are no reviews for this hacker community.

How to hack Facebook ID using Face Off hacker:

  1. Visit the Face Off website.
  2. First enter the target’s Facebook URL.
  3. Next step you click on ‘Connect’.
  4. Finally waiting to receive the password!


So now you know almost all the different and most popular Facebook ID hacker methods today. We have provided you with 5 reliable Facebook Hacker by ID, for Copy9 apk, you have to buy and a little complicated to follow the steps, but guaranteed success and safety over the remaining 4 methods. In case you want to learn a free and faster solution, you can use the remaining 4 online methods of Facebook ID hacker, free and do not require you to download any other applications or have to click on new ads for hacking, but they are almost unreliable. Of the 4 free online hacking methods, we think that using the “Forgot password” method is the most reliable, but in that case, you need your email address and password. target.

However, you have the right to choose the method that best suits you but we only ask you to choose wisely. Whatever you think, you can comment below so we can better understand your needs. We look forward to the practical comments from you.

Note: All applications or tools that we have introduced to you in this article are only used legally. Any consequences of improper use should be the responsibility of the user.

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