Top 3 Ways to Track Your Lost iPhone

Accidentally if you have lost your iPhone then you must be in high stress. You must be thinking about it’s costs, and amount of personal data it has. Today, smartphones not just store personal photos, videos, and music library, but might also contain an incredible amount of sensitive and private information in the form of browsing history, social data, app traces etc. So their must be a chance of misuse of the data stored in a stolen or lost iPhone is but real.

So when you know that your iPhone has been stolen or lost then 1st thing you have to do is that try to track the location of your missing iPhone device and just lock it. Here in this post we are going to discuss some of the best way to track or spy your lost iPhone.

So Let start…

How to track a lost or stolen iPhone?

Try out the following methods

  1. Use tracking apps like TheTruthSpy
  2. Use Google Timeline
  3. Try with Google Photos

Method 1-TheTruthSpy

On number one, we have TheTruthSpy as the best spying app for iPhone in 2019. It was easy not to pic any other spy app for the “best iOS monitoring app” slot. TheTruthSpy is a critically-acclaimed and acknowledged spyware offering seamless compatibility with iPhone. With the help of this app you can easily find your lost iPhone.

TheTruthSpy is a spy or monitoring tool for both home and commercial purposes and it will give permission to you for remotely view the activities happening on an iPhone. This iPhone spy app is very easily available quite easy to obtain the app on an iPhone as Cydia has it in one of its repositories so you can directly download the app on your device.

The big thing which place it in the top of list of best iPhone Spy apps different from any other similar service available in the market is that installing the TheTruthSpy app is easy and a simple three-step process:

  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Activate

After set up set it up and activate it, they can access the features it offers on the dashboard in personal control panel

Method 2: Use Google Timeline to find lost iPhone

This method is also a trusted method to find and track your lost iPhone. So before loosing you iPhone if you had turned on Location Services and Location History on your iPhone device. Then after that Google’s Timeline system will record all the locations of your iPhone device.

So when your an iPhone goes missing then you can easily access the current as well as previous location history information on a map and find the last location. In this way Google Timeline records the location only when the iPhone system is switched on with fully function internet connection.

Steps which shows How to see the last location of lost iPhone in Google Timeline

  • STEP 1- Visit <com/maps/timeline> on computer.
  • STEP 2Sign in to your Google account.
  • STEP 3-Click Today or select date.
  • STEP 4-Scroll down to see the last reported location of your iPhone.

At last when you have all the information about the location and the time when your iPhone was last connected to Google. In this way you can easily take some clue from the location and time information and easily find your lost iPhone.

Method 3: Take location clue from Google Photos

If you have lost your iPhone and after some time he/she has captured a photo from your lost iPhone device and by God grace if you have Google Photos location sharing option enabled then every thing seems to be OK for you.

For this you just have take given below step

First you have to visit <>. After that you have to Check, if any new photos were uploaded and view their upload location.


TheTruthSpy feature’s is the best way to track the location of the stolen or missing device. You can try Google Timeline or Google Photos. There are also some other methods also which also help to track a lost iPhone, but only if you have installed these apps before the phone was lost.

Smarter way is to filter out the data that you want to keep, with the help of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

Please let me know is the above post helpful? So please share your experience in the comments section given below, and also let me know how you managed to found and get back your lost & stolen iPhone.

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