Top 10 Best Keylogger Apps For Android In 2019 (No Root)

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger diary (also called keylogging) has been invented and used since the 80s. Developed by the Soviet Union, the keylogger at the time was used to record keystrokes on a typewriter. To make it easier to visualize, this is a type of software installed on a computer and smartphone or hardware device attached to that computer or phone, helping to record all keystrokes performed on that computer or phone. For most of the characters, you have typed will be automatically recorded and archived so you can check later. Nowadays, with the introduction of smartphones and used in most countries around the world, and keylogging feature has appeared in many phone monitoring applications to record password or logs chat content of social apps on mobile phones.

There are various types of keylogger applications available in the market. Some are specific to Windows and Mac computers. Others can be installed on tablets. Here we will discuss the leading keylogger applications for mobile phones.

How to choose an android application with good Keylogger feature?

What we have shown you above is the most basic functions of keyloggers. Ten years ago, you could see exactly what other people had typed, such as your phone passwords, chat application passwords, or reading the text of other people typing on the phone and that was just a fantasy of yourself. But now, in recent years, in the 4.0 technology world, simple keylogger functions have evolved into a much more sophisticated tool than before, it will provide you with a range of functions great and will no longer be your imagination.

Let’s ignore all the other theoretical questions about keyloggers and consider the practical features that you should look for when choosing a keylogger. The list can be very long, as we write in great detail to give you an overview, but these are considered broad areas and you should consider it.

    • Installation: The application should be easy to install. There are a lot of apps that are proud of their ability to install remotely and don’t need physical access from the target phone, but we did check and listen to mixed reports about install rates. Set high failures from that application. so it is still best to install it manually from the target phone.
    • Application hides: Once successfully installed, the application will be automatically hidden and the keylogger will be able to run without fear of being detected by any user of the target phone.
    • Functionality: This is where the list can really become incredibly long. Each of us may have different phone needs, but here are our refinished thoughts on the highest priority help.​

The keylogger function can now check all phone passwords, chat application passwords and email message content, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, KIK, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, in short, all. online messages, about what was said and about someone. There is also a very long list that can be very complicated, such as blocking calls, creating geographic barriers, web browser history, changing contact information, captured image records and etc.

We offer you some of Keylogger’s great features, including features like a secure geographic barrier that sends notifications when your specified radius has been entered earlier and is now exiting the radius safe or restrict your use of phone applications for a certain period of time. The call barring feature can help you restrict calls from the specified phone list of the target phone and only calls to the list numbers you have selected earlier.

  • Ease Of Use: Keylogger’s reports are easily accessible and the target device information is clearly presented and easy to understand. You can access to view information from all different platforms and can view reports on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS operating systems. You can check all information online in real-time and can access data with Excel files.

So you will have many better choices. In the next section, we will introduce you to the top 10 applications with keylogger features in Android.

Top 10 best Keylogger apps for Android in 2019 (No root)

best keylogger app for android-copy9

Price: Available with $ 30.99 for Android.

Description: Just by looking at it, you will be quickly satisfied by the super fast and smooth online performance of Copy9. It provides you with an intuitive interface and you can access to view on all computer devices or phones, it provides you with almost the full range of functions including keylogger log tracking, updates. Call log, SMS, location… of the target device, videos, photos, screenshots, social application logs, etc. This is considered the leading application of the Keylogger function for you.

How to use Copy9 to track keyloggers?

Buy Copy9​ App

Step 1: You need to buy copy9 account package to be able to use and view information on the Control panel by clicking "Buy Copy9 Now"

Install Copy9 App

Step 2: Once you have purchased the account successfully, copy9 will guide you to download the APK file and install it on Android devices that you are allowed to track and will be detailed installation instructions.

Start Monitoring

Step 3: Login your account to so you can start tracking all Keylogger or Call log, SMS, location, Video, Photos, Phone call recording, Social apps, and other features of Copy9.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes Android, iOS with $ 99.99 for one year of use.

Description: A site with a good-looking interface and list of good features, but it costs a lot, it’s a one-year usage fee and there’s no free trial option. However, the ability to take photos remotely with the front and rear cameras of the target phone seems to be useful.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes both Android, iOS operating systems, priced with $ 29.99 for a month

Description: The price of MSpy seems to change frequently and you should look carefully especially if your business needs are for long-term use. MSpy has many remote monitoring functions, with good additional means to control the target phone remotely without the need for physical interaction on the target phone.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes Android, iOS operating systems with $ 16.99, higher for full features.

Description: This is a good application to use Ambient recording. It seems that it may be a small copy of Copy9, and is developed in its own way and may have to do many other functions to prove that it is an individual so that users can benefit from competition.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes Android, iOS operating systems with $ 74.99

Description: This is an application that features Keylogger but not as complete as Copy9. But it has other functions that are also appreciated by many users. As for the price of the product, we find this pricing model not attractive. At first, it didn’t cost you much, but the company then tried to sell you a lot of extra gadgets to keep customers at twice the price.

best keylogger app for android
best keylogger app for android

Price: Android OS with $ 16.66 and $ 33.33 with iOS.

Description: This is one of the keyloggers features developed a long time ago, it provides a comprehensive list with the ability to view photos and videos on the target phone is something not provided by all other products. Instead, you have to trade it at your own risk because this product does not offer a free trial.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes Android, iOS operating systems with $ 49.99

Description: This is one of the high-priced apps, but it’s hard to see what it offers you and the app only offers a free 3-day trial. This application has the ability to block the use of applications on the target phone very well. It will be of great help to offices in the US, this keylogger is also an application worth watching.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes Android, iOS and Blackberry with $ 68.00.

Description: for other products, they only support Android and iOS operating systems. FlexiSpy is one of the few companies that still claims to work outside of iOS and Android; They develop apps for 98.9% smartphones! FlexiSpy may be what you need. We will test more features with our Editorial team.

best keylogger app for android

Price: includes iOS, Android operating systems with $ 29.99.

Description: Spyzie is an application that displays detailed information very nice and easy to use. It supports many features but does not work as well as advertised by Spyzie. But they are advertised a lot on the internet and can be known by many people and will be easily detected on the target device after installation. Currently, there are a number of spyware scanning applications that have put Spyzie on the default list to destroy.

So we have introduced you to the Top 10 Best Keylogger Apps for Android in 2019 (No root) for any parents who need to monitor their children’s social activities to be able to protect their children promptly from these bad guys on the internet. You should think before selecting any application on the list we have listed above.

Note: You need to inform your child and have legal access to the target Android device and be allowed to install with any of the above keylogger apps.

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