What happens when Your App Leaks Mobile Data

Every smart phone user have some useful apps installed in their device. Do you know out of these apps there are probably some apps must be leaking you data. Shocked but it’s a fact that no smart phone user knows about it. According to a research done on more than 2 thousand American citizens, they found that 1 out of every 50 smart phone user are a victim of mobile data App leaks scam.
But when they came to know about that their apps are leaking data, then it’s too late to handle the damage done by them.

What is App Leaks

App leaks involve the unauthorized or unintentional transfer of secured and protective data or information from your mobile device to any type of cyber criminal.
But the biggest question arise here that, how can you know that your smartphone apps is leaking your data or not? I am 100% sure that if you check your present smartphones you must have install a number of apps that could create a risk of stealing your personal information. But now the big task is that how can you know where is your apps leaking data is going?. And what happens when when an third party app leaks your protected data.
For making your smartphone look safe, we would like to recommend that always use Google and Apple approved apps. But still there could be some apps that may hide from the security scan of the app stores and could be the biggest reason of data leak. To overcome this situation there are a few apps available specially created for protecting corporate data. This can be done by installing to check your smartphones yourself and find out which apps are sending your crucial data, to which servers and which country.

What happens when an app leaks data:

In today’s world apps plays a vital role in our busy life. Due to this fact hacker always use mobile apps to leaks some sensitive data of our smartphone namely: banking, online shopping, medical care, contacts, email detail and passwords etc. To avoid this mobile apps leaks developers always wants to expand their security towards these malicious apps. The expert app creators are implementing fast track advanced data protection mechanisms to overcome hacking technologies used by the cyber criminals.In this article we would like you to show what happens when an app leaks you data.

These are the given below steps that happens when a app leaks your data:

STEP 1: Mobile leaks is often the result of security measures being under estimated and use of old security measure in the app development process. As we all know app leaks on a mobile device leaks private information when an app developer or web programmer fails to use HTTPS to securely communicate over the mobile service provider network.

STEP 2: When you’re downloading an app, what is the last thing you wants to do? It is all about reading through the terms and conditions of this particular app. It is usually not until much later. This is the biggest mistake we all do at the very 1st stage of the downloading any mobile app. In this stage now you have downloaded this app and also does a sign up for a untrusted app.

STEP 3: This is the very crucial step that every mobile user should be aware. This mobile app now ask for unnecessary confidential permissions that hackers or cyber criminals may leak to extract your very sensitive data including your contacts, messages and media list.
Now the question arises here why and which type of information they wants to extract and what type of misuse can be done by this information.

So we are truly advised to look out for the following permissions as they can be misused by an application or analytics service receiving it.

  • Accounts access: In this type of permission helps to collect important data including contact lists and e-mail addresses etc.
  • SMS permission: This type of permission wants to leak your data balance. It can be misused to send SMSs to premium-rate numbers and resulting will reduce your balance.
  • Unified Microphone access: This type of permission will be used in mainly media apps. In this way hackers can easily record phone conversations. Which can further be misused to track high profile and very secure VIP meetings.
  • List Contacts: By accessing this type of permission hacker can easily steal your contacts and sell it to various ad networks and agencies. That data can also be useful in many marketing research to know the interest of the buyers.

STEP 4: This is the final steps how the hackers and cyber criminal use or we can say extract this data. Some of the key point which illustrate this heading are given below.
Hackers and phishers take data all the time with the help of this malicious mobile apps. But as per our research many times this leaks data is unusable due thanks to security practices that include high secure practices like.


Hashing is a very complicated from encryption in that once the data is encoded, it can’t be decoded.
Well, at least it’s extremely difficult to do so.
It is the most advanced security practices use to protect your passwords and data, you may want to store passwords in hashed form. This guards against the possibility that someone who gains unauthorized access to the database can retrieve the passwords of every user in the system.


Salts can block up any hacker trying to crack a hashed password. They work by adding an extra secret value to the end of the password, and finally it will extending the length of the original password.
For example your password is John and the salt value is i.love.salt. The hash value of final password from both of these together that is John.love.salt. This type of salt technology provides some protection for those user who use very common words as their password.

This salting is usually done via an popular MD5 hashing algorithm. Password-salting is most commonly used within Linux operating system.


I is a very necessary security that every important data should have. For example If you have a data, which is in the form of “cleartext,” that means there is no cryptography has been applied on it. So it is very easy to read and copy as a Word document.
In my opinion if you want to decode the encryption data then you have go through a two-way scrambling process. In this process it only allows someone with the “key” ( Form of password or password file)
which will be a must have step to decoding the data.
If hackers took data that is hashed or encrypted, then it is very much difficult to to steal the information from users mobile.


Now you have read this article and you can see this is only a very explain article on how and what happens when a App leaks your data. I’ve put links throughout the article for those of you who want more information.
If you only take one thing away from this introduction or we can say article, it’s not to use any malicious app and don’t rely solely open WiFi networks available around you and not to do any important bank transaction by using any open WiFi network. Ok, that’s two things, but they’re both imp.

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