Tips for Getting Your Child Their First Phone

As we all know smartphones are a type of a gift that many kids have on their wish list. It is also a type of a gift that many parents are opposed to give their kid. The reason of this reluctant is the concerns about privacy and safety make many parents hesitate before shifting such a big responsibility on their children. But with the right and targeted approach and planning, giving a mobile phone to your child can be a memorable gift for both you.

Here we have prepared a list of tips for getting your child their first phone.


With a smartphone, your child will have complete access to the Internet and the ability be in contact with almost anyone on the planet – from anywhere. In other words, all this can potentially happen out from under your watchful eye. Mentorship is crucial. Teaching your child to make good decisions and to know when to get help is sets them up for a lifetime of successful digital communication


According to a research There is no right age to give kids their first mobile because it’s totally depend upon person to person. phone is really up to you. According to my view age is not playing any important in this decision of parents. That all depends upon your kid’s maturity level, ability to follow rules, responsibility, and your own family’s needs. Giving your child their first phone is totally a personal and individual decision. That kind of peer pressure makes it tougher for parents who want to hold off delay the inevitable, but stand firm! When you hand your children cell phones, you’re giving them powerful communication and media-production tools. As we all know kids can easily create text messages, images, and videos that can be easily distributed and uploaded to other online world websites at no time. So according to me parents need to consider whether their children are ready to use their phones responsibly individually.

3.Use your phone’s parental controls

It is depending on the type of device Android or iPhone, parents can set restrictions to limit what their children can access on that new smartphone.

You just have to given below setting for the iPhone, go to Settings, then General, then scroll down to Restrictions. When you have made a restrictions, then in the next step your mobile device will ask you to create a four-digit PIN code. 

In this way restrictions allow parents to full control over what apps kids activities like which app they can open or purchases within apps. Parents can also adjust the type of content kids can view based on their choice.

On Android devices, restrictions will vary depending on the handset you own. On Google Play, users can set similar limits on what content kids can access based on ratings.

4.Talk To Kids

This is the important tip for every parent who are going to buy first mobile phone for their child. But before buying you should discuss the most important family terms of agreement for the new smartphone. The important role of parents is to educate your child about tempting online offers, free downloads and bad links they may come across. Check out Lookout’s printable Phone Rules Agreement, which sets mobile security ground rules for your child and their new smartphone. 

5.Keep away from cyber strangers: 

Teach your kids to According to a next tip is that kids should ignore emails and text messages from unknown or cyber strangers in the world. In other words, parent should tell your children not to talk to digital strangers. 

6.Customize the phone

For younger users, download apps that are kid-friendly like TheTruthSpy. It allow you to monitor the content your children are accessing. 

7.Set a Password 

Parents should help your child by making a password that you both can remember. A password is your most secured way to defense against unauthorized access of third parties. As you all know in every mobile phones it’s very easy to set the password and lock settings. If you have an iPhone, click “Settings” > “General” and scroll down to “Password”. If you have an Android, click “Settings” > “Security”. 

8.Guide kids to make smart downloads:

 According to this guide child should download app which is 100% made by a reputable developer. In other words we can say that you should download apps from trusted sources, like the Apple Store and Google Play.

9.Teach them to surf safely: 

The must aim of every parent is that be ensure that your child understands the risks of surfing the mobile Web. Mobile phone is the big source of fraudulent sites then any other medium. As we all know kids get involved in “phishing” attacks by putting their details into fake apps or websites. In this ways you as a parent please make sure your child is not browsing any suspicious sites which may steal your secure data.

10.Download a mobile security app to protect your investment: 

As parents are setting up their kids phone, be sure to download a mobile security app like TheTruthSpy, so they will be automatically protected from downloading suspicious and un- trusted apps and visiting unsafe websites that can destroy the phone security or steal your personal data and privacy.

So these are some of the tips and tricks for getting your child first mobile phone. If you have still any doubt regarding this article then please let me know with the help of given below comment box.

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