The Experts’ Guide to Mobile Leaks

Things You Need to Know About  Mobile Leaks

As we all know that Mobile phones are the best place to store our secrets, It may be your personal pictures, important documents and other secret attachments. So finding out some one’s secret and being able to share it with other’s is always exciting. That all possible with your smartphone. Are you shocked to and going to delete your secret data, then Stop. Here in this article we are going to discuss all the information about the mobile leaks. That may be very much useful to protect your secret data and your hard earned money.

Mobile Leak- Definition:

Mobile leak is the unauthorized transmission of data from within an mobile or you can say a smartphone to an external destination or recipient. The term mobile leak can be used to describe data that is transferred electronically or physically. We always think that mobile data leakage attack usually occur via the web and email, but can also occur via mobile data storage devices such as optical media and USB keys.
The simple meaning of Mobile Leaks is that if anyone intentionally or unintentionally release of secure or confidential information or data to an untrusted environment.”
It’s hardly a day goes by without a mobile leak scandal hitting the headlines. If we see in deep mobile leaks mechanism and functionality, also  a type of as slow and low data theft. In today’s world Mobile leaks has become a huge problem for our data security. This is a small and the fast damage caused  by the cyber criminal. The results of the mobile data leaks does not depend upon the of size and location of your territory and industry also. But the after effect of this can be very serious even you can not imagine about it.

Why Mobile leaks:

Now a days most of our  secure and important transactions happen over internet that is known as online transactions. You will get shocked when you know that, on the internet either directly or indirectly we expose our personal data to cyber criminals or hackers. That is the reason why this connected world makes our lives easier and at great risk as well. There are so many other trusted spy software available in the market which helps us in very legal way.
Now biggest question arise here why cyber criminal want’s to leaks our mobile data? Data is today’s as well as  futures commercial currency.  So, it is the biggest reason that’s why  criminals wants to crack your security in order to access your data.  In order for your smartphone to be protected from a Mobile data leaks, you will  have to understand the types of data leaks or attack vectors available to cyber criminals. Let’s take a look on it.

Hacking: In the term hacking  which includes Phishing, Ransomware/Malware and Skimming etc. Cyber criminals are  always  stole the mobile data with the help of hacking which is a combination of old and new techniques. There are three types of hackers are given below.
⦁ White hat hacker
⦁ Grey hat hacker
⦁ Black hat hacker

Service provider Inside Threat: Your mobile service provider knows every thing about you and where your most secure and sensitive data exists in your smart phone and, in some cases, they also know how it is protected, so they can make a significant damage if we will not properly monitored or security protocols used for your mobile network.

Data on the Move: We live in an increasingly mobile world, so another concern has to be when laptops or flash drives are stolen, or back-up tapes are lost in the mail. Everywhere we look today, data is on the move. The downside:  When personal information and data are being moved electronically, they’re more vulnerable to identity theft.

Phishing: The Phishing cyber criminal create phishing emails through which they wants to steal your confidential information like passwords and bank account details.  Now the question arises how they do that.
Phishing email must contain a link which on clicking will take you to a fake web page created by phisher. For example,

⦁ After clicking on the email link  you will reach at fake bank website which looks very  legal.
⦁ Now if the user falls for the scam and enters his/her bank account details on the website.
⦁ Now all secured detail entered by the user the details will actually go to the phisher’s server instead of going to the bank.
⦁ Finally, The cyber criminal will have all the stolen information that the user has provided on the website .
That all have become possible with the help of mobile data leaks.

Malicious mobile apps:

All of us knows that Google pay store and Apple store is 100% safe. This is a big misbelief  that every app available on Google Play store or Apple store is safe and legal. Now you will get shocked to know that Not every app available on these stores is 100% safe for Android as well as Apple users. Out of these galaxy of apps of some of these apps may contain malicious code that can steal your privacy and secured data as well.
Now the big question is that how such apps can steal your data.
These malicious apps may contain  some untrusted code snippet that can install malware on your smart phone.
These untrusted app may ask for unnecessary permissions that the cyber criminals may use to grab your sensitive  and secure data including your images, contacts, messages and videos.

These types of permission which are  asked by criminal are given below.

-Accounts access: This permission helps to collect data including contact lists and e-mail addresses.

-SMS permission: This permission will reduce your mobile balance by sending SMSs to premium-rate numbers.

-Microphone access: This type of permission in the app will be useful to record phone secret conversations.

-Device admin permission: In this type of permission your phone will be controlled by a remote hacker. And steal your all valuable information by live tracking your mobile.

-Contacts:  As we all know contact are second from of money so this type of permission can help a hacker steal your contacts and sell it to ad networks

Insecure Wifi networks:

In today’s busy life we always wants to be connecting through internet for that we use Wifi connection available in public places. For that we always Connecting your smart phone  to an insecure network can create the possibility of a cyber criminal gaining access to all the important files on your system and sell them to other untrusted environmental source. These type of cyber criminals controls and monitor of your smart phone device and  can steal passwords of your social accounts, bank accounts and even upload malware on legal genuine websites that you trust.

How to stay Safe from Mobile leaks

These are some of the key points by which you can  stay safe from any type of Mobile leaks.
⦁  Never write your passwords on a post-it or notepad
⦁ Don’t leave your phone unlocked and unattended.
⦁ Make sure you have taken proper backup of your mobile phone.
⦁ Never connect to open Wi-Fi networks that you can’t trust .
⦁ Don’t share any critical information over a phone call or SMS.
⦁ Always verify the identity of the message before clicking links in it.
⦁ If you are using a public Wi-Fi, avoid performing any bank transactions.

Now we have discuss all things about mobile leaks. If you still want any information regarding Mobile leaks then please feel free to contact us with the help of contact us.

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