Copy9 App Reviews 2019: How It Works For Android (Part 1)

1. What is Copy9?

Copy9 is a parental control tool that helps parents stay up to date on what is happening to their children and businesses, helps businesses manage their employees to see if their employees are working hard or are working hard. Use your phone to play or copy company data and take pictures of the company’s secret production process. Copy9 offers you a lot of features needed to meet most of your needs for a good spy app as follows:

  • Call History: The Copy9 app records and displays call logs for you to see in the Dashboard about who is calling your child or who your children call regularly. You will be able to review phone numbers, contact names, times, incoming and outgoing calls and other details. If you want to find some more specific information, you can view your child’s Contact History on Copy9.
  • SMS History: Check to see if your children are texting regularly with someone. Copy9 allows you to keep track of all the messages your child has sent or received. Copy9 can retrieve all deleted text to show you.
  • Contacts list: Copy9 also provides you with a complete list of contact information such as contact name, phone number, contact creation time saved on your child’s phone.
  • Social apps: Monitor someone’s messages, status on different social media platforms with Copy9 with a rooted or non-rooted phone. You can review the details of messages that your children have talked to that they may be talking to the bad guys or scammers on social networks.
  • GPS tracker: You can view your child’s current location with Copy9. You can find your child at school or play anywhere and also review the location history your child went to. The current location of the child will be displayed on the map dedicated to your account.
  • GPS geolocation: Copy9 apk will send you a notification every time your child arrives at school or leaves the school. This function will help you choose the default location to monitor whether your child is at school or at home. Or wherever you want.
  • Keylogger: This is a function that Copy9 has researched for more than a year to help capture everything that the target user has entered on the target device so that you can know the Facebook password, WhatsApp and can track outgoing messages to know and prevent block in time if your child is talking to a bad guy.
  • Browser History: my copy9 com helps you to review the history of websites visited by the target device. Help you know if your child is viewing websites that are not useful or harmful to children, such as pornography or websites that are inappropriate for your child’s age.


2. How does Copy9 work?

Copy9 starts tracking the activity of the target device since you downloaded the copy9 file and installed the software on the target device. After installation is complete, the application will work in the background. Copy9 records all the activity log of the target device such as Call, SMS, Photos, Videos, Social app … Then all the logs will be sent to your Copy9 Dashboard.

The dashboard is your personal space all logs will be available for you to view easily. Here you can review the location list, calls, SMS, track the current location and check the logs of other activities. To gain access to the Copy9 Control Panel, you need to be logged in.

Your account needs to be connected to the target device. To do that, you can download Copy9 Apk. Then open the app and log in with your Copy9 account. The application can only log if the target device is connected to the Internet and GPS is turned on.

3. Is Copy9 software invisible?

Copy9 was created to help parents keep track of their child’s activities remotely. This spyware has the function to hide this application on the target device. To make the software invisible and hidden. The app will collect information and send secrets to your Copy9 account without your kids knowing.

After the application has hidden if you want to reopen? You will need to enter # 1234 * and press the call button. The application will be automatically opened for you.

4. What devices are compatible with Copy9?

Device compatibility with spyware is a very important thing that you need to pay attention to. Copy9 representatives stated that their software is compatible with Android phones and tablets. More specifically – Copy9 supports all devices running Android 4.4 -> 9.0

To check the Android version of your child’s phone, visit the Settings of the phone app. Scroll down and select “About phone”. Here, the phone will show you the current Android version of the target device.

Copy9 no longer supports iOS devices. If the device you want to monitor is an iPhone, it’s better to choose another spyware that supports the iOS operating system market.

5. Do you need physical access to the target phone?

According to statistics, a lot of users ask whether physical access to the target phone is needed to start tracking. We will respond that you do not need physical access to the device to track the device.

But to start monitoring, the application must first be installed on the target device. This setting alone cannot use remote access, you need to have physical access to the target phone to complete the installation to work correctly.

Once the application has been successfully installed on the target device, you can start monitoring it remotely via your Copy9 account. You need to be logged into your account to add this target device to the list of target devices you want to track.

After installing the final step, the Copy9 app will help you hide this app icon and start running in the background, and now you can remotely monitor and no longer need physical access to the target phone anymore.

According to the Copy9 programmers, this spyware was developed for the purpose of safety for children. This app was created not to help bad guys break into someone else’s phone in any way, but to protect their loved ones, adolescents in need of protection from parents away from the temptations of the bad guys on the internet or the wrong choices. Your action has won illegally if you use Copy9 for legitimate purposes as listed below:

  1. Check details of online activities on your minor’s phone.
  2. Track or backup your own device data.
  3. Keep track of employee activities during their working conditions provided that employees know that the application has been installed on their phones and allowed by them.

You should be aware that all that you do with the help of the Copy9 application are your responsibility. If you have a number of legal issues that are not fully understood, you should consult your own legal counsel.

This spying software was developed with the best intentions. The app is created not to help people break into someone else’s phone, but to protect their beloved ones from wrong choices. Your actions won’t be illegal if you use Copy9 to:

  1. Check on the online activity of your underage child.
  2. Track your own device.
  3. Monitor the activity of the employees on the condition employees know the app is installed on their phones.

You should understand that all the actions you perform with the help of Copy9 app are under your own responsibility. If you have some legal issues unresolved, it is recommended to consult your legal advisor.

7. How to get started?

If you want to check your child’s activities on the phone but you don’t know how to use the Copy9 app, you can follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Buy the app. Copy9 offers three different packages to help you choose based on your needs and usage time. Includes Standard, Premium and Gold packages. Each package will have different spy features. The Gold Pack is the best one because it allows you to track the entire user’s activity with all the features of Copy9. In addition, you can choose the Premium or Standard package, fewer money packages will help you limit the features. After choosing the package to buy, continue to choose a payment method including Paypal or and then download the official application just for you.
  2. Install and set up the spyware on your kid’s phone. You need to allow installation from unknown sources on the target device. Without this step, you cannot install the application.
  3. Monitor the activity of the target phone. You can log in from any device you want and monitor your child’s activity on the phone remotely.

The activity log of the target phone will be displayed in your Dashboard like Call log, SMS, Photos, Phone call recording …

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