Copy9 App Reviews 2019: How It Works For Android (Part 3)

20. How do I start monitoring the target phone or tablet?

To start viewing any device that has the Copy9 app installed on your Android device, you’ll need to enter the code on the device as # 1234 *. The collected data and activity log will be displayed on the board.

Control your Copy9 you will be able to track all completely different types of activities of your children. Can you track instant messages with the Copy9 application? Yes because Copy9 allows you to access private messages like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Skype. If your children or staff are also using Hangouts, you can follow this app’s messages too.

Another feature of the Copy9 application is the ambient recording, which helps the target device connect to the web. With the live recorder, you will be able to listen to your child’s environment or the staff at any time. The voice recording will be stopped if the user chooses to stop the web.

Access to users’ photos and videos will be allowed to Copy9. This app supports a number of file formats and allows you to check image previews. Photos will be compressed to reduce the size of the image so that it does not consume much battery of the device.

This feature allows you to monitor app usage and identify details that attract attention that your child may hide. All knowledge regarding the device placed and erased will be provided to you in the device. The application can also track the browsing history of the integrated browsers on the target device. Your child’s browsing history will be displayed on your dashboard.


21. How long will it take for data to be uploaded to my account?

After you install the application to the target device successfully, the log will appear in your Control Panel after 15 minutes. Remember that the target device needs to be connected to the Internet at all times. When the target device is disconnected, the current log cannot be updated and stored in the device’s database and waits for WiFi to send all data to your control panel.

22. Can Copy9 access deleted text messages?

If you are interested in this feature, we congratulate you on the Copy9 application that can recover deleted messages from the target device and send them to the control panel for you. But on the condition that after the application installation is complete on the target device, turn on the SMS History function so that it can begin to record all the log of messages including deleted messages.

23. Can Copy9 access messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype?

According to our assessment, parents always prioritize tracking their children through social networking messages with spyware. Kids nowadays spend a lot of free time watching Facebook or WhatsApp. Parents also have doubts: Does their child text all the time, so the Copy9 app will help you read any messages your child has received from friends or bad guys.

In order for you to see all of your child’s conversations with friends, your child’s target device must be rooted. However, we also support you to track your child’s messages from the Keylogger feature that can help you see what your children have been texting with friends.

24. Can I monitor data from my own phone?

You can access the Copy9 Control Panel from any of your devices. If you are going out, cooking, exercising, you can still check your child’s activities through your smartphone.

However, a Copy9 representative recommends accessing the Control Panel from a computer instead of a phone. They explain all the spy features can only be displayed on laptops faster. If you have some questions that need to be explained about the application, you can always contact Copy9 customer service.

25. Is there a data upload limit on Copy9 software?

You can confidently store the target device’s data on the my copy9 login. Because the control panel is unlimited and the destination device can upload as much as you like. However, after 30 days, you should download the data in Excel file format to your computer once because Copy9 will delete any data that is over 30 days old.

26. How do I check target phone and tablet usage stats?

All logs will be automatically updated in your Control Panel. All operations are broken down into different functions and they will display a function list in the Dashboard so you can view each function in detail. What can you find specifically there?

  • Keylogger: is an essential support tool for parents in managing their children. It helps you keep a diary of how your child used the phone today. You can detect your phone unlocking password, what your child has searched for on the web browsers, the login information that the user entered. That is what makes this tool useful to you.
  • GPS tracker: Copy9 will help you see your child’s current location and see places your child has traveled. In particular, they have Geofencing function which will notify you whenever your child leaves the safe area or re-enters the safe area. This safety zone is made by your own choices, such as your home or your child’s school.
  • Auto answer: This feature allows you to listen to what is happening around your child, whether your child attends school at school will be reprimanded by a classmate or teacher in the classroom. How does autoresponder work? First, this feature must be enabled and need to turn on WiFi or 3G on the target device. You then select the Ambient Recording function from your Control Panel. This way you can listen to your child’s surroundings at any time.

27. Do I get Copy9 upgrades?

Copy9 currently has 3 account packages for you to choose from. If you are using the Standard package, you can always upgrade to either Premium or Gold packages. Wait until your original subscription expires and you want to use more features then you can buy an upgrade. If you want to upgrade to Gold immediately, you should contact support staff so they can help you upgrade without losing the remaining money of the package you are using.

28. Do I have to reinstall the app if the target phone or tablet gets a software update?

The Copy9 application cannot be automatically updated remotely. You will be notified by customer service whenever a new update is available. In order to update Copy9 spyware, you need to uninstall the old application and reinstall the new Copy9 apk version so there will be no unnecessary bugs. Reinstalling will ensure the functions run more perfectly.

The latest version of the Copy9 application has been greatly improved, they have developed many new functions such as the function of uninstalling the remote application or taking pictures remotely with the front or rear camera.

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