Copy9 App Reviews 2019: How It Works For Android (Part 2)

8. How to install Copy9 software?

Any application you download can only start collecting and analyzing data after it is properly installed. The same is true for Copy9. To ensure the application works well, follow the installation instructions.

  1. Root device: Copy9 application requires root to monitor all messages of the target app’s Social App. If the phone is not rooted, Copy9 can only get messages from the Keylogger function. If you are confident in your rooting skills then you can gain root access on the target smartphone. However, if you do not have the experience of rooting then you should find an expert.
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources. If you want to install Copy9, you must have physical access to the target phone and allow the installation of the application from an unknown source. Skip this step and you will not be able to install Copy9 apk.
  3. Download the software from the official website: Please visit the official website of Copy9. Then download the apk file here on your child’s phone. After the application download is complete, click on it to open the file.
  4. Perform the installation: The Copy9 application displays details of the steps for the perfect installation, just follow the instructions. After the installation is about to complete, the Copy9 application will ask you to log in to you so that the application can send data logs of the target phone to your Copy9 account.
  5. Log in or register: If you have not registered a Copy9 account, you can register at the application easily and will automatically login for you.
  6. Accept permissions: To ensure the application runs smoothly, you must allow all the permissions required by the copy9 app.
  7. Hide application: The last step is to select the application hide button, from which the Copy9 application is operational and will send all data to your copy9 account. 

Once the application installation is complete, you can log in with your account and track the log of the target phone recorded in the Control Panel. After a few minutes, the collected data and activity will be displayed on the dashboard for you to see.

9. What do I need to install Copy9 software on my child’s phone or tablet?

To track your child or on the devices of your company employees, you need to install the application on the target phone or tablet. You only need physical access to install the application once and then you can access it remotely. The actual monitoring process will be performed remotely from the control panel of Copy9.

If you install spyware without anyone knowing about it, the device may be locked. If the target device doesn’t have a password, you can easily unlock the device. Find the password to ensure the installation can easily succeed.

10. How many smartphones or tablets can I set up with one account?

Copy9 supports users to monitor multiple devices at the same time. To get access to the logs and activities of any user, you need to purchase a spy package. Included: The default subscription (Standard, Premium or Gold) is installed with up to three devices. If you want to track multiple devices, you should buy the Gold pack.


11. Can the owner of the phone or tablet uninstall the software?

It is not easy to uninstall the Copy9 software. After the application is installed on the device, it will automatically hide the icon from the application list and your children or staff will never see it. In addition, to be able to reopen the Copy9 application on the target’s smartphone, it is necessary to call a number # 12341 * for the application to display again.

The percentage of users who will make a call with # 12341 * is unavailable. There is very little chance that the person you follow will be able to guess the secret code and find Copy9 apk.

12. How do I uninstall apps remotely?

From October 2019, the Copy9 app has been updated to a completely new version and added a remote uninstall feature. This can be considered a premium feature that other spy apps have to uninstall by physical access to the target phone in order to be able to uninstall the application.

For Copy9, you only need to access the Web Control Panel and select the remote uninstall function and when you have chosen to uninstall, the target application will wait for the user to unlock the screen and automatically uninstall it. But your children or your staff are unaware of the existence of Copy9 application on the device, we appreciate this function.

13. How do I buy Copy9 software?

To buy Copy9 software, visit their official website. In the menu bar find Prices. You will be provided with a selection of subscription packages. You can choose between:

  • Standard package. This is the cheapest Copy9 subscription option you can try. Includes basic features such as copying GPS History, Call History, SMS History, Auto answer. This standard package is for you who intend to try Copy9.
  • Premium package. Premium subscription is upgraded with more functions than the standard package such as URL History, Photo History, Phone Call Recording, Application Usage History.
  • Gold package: This is the best package of Copy9 product that allows you to use all the functions of Copy9. The ambient recording feature is only accessible to Gold registered users.

If you have not yet been able to decide to subscribe, try the trial version. You will be given two days to experience the Copy9 free trial.

14. Are my credit card details safe with Copy9?

Is copy9 safe? Copy9 make sure users are safe and secure products you will pay via the Paypal link and will not save any information. Copy9 offers users two payment methods to make it easier to choose. You can pay by debit card or PayPal or

Paying for the subscription, you only insert your credit card details to allow the system to process them and transfer the money from your account to the account registered for Copy9. Once the payment is sent, all your details will be erased for your credit card’s security.

15. Will Copy9 show up on my credit card bill?

When payment is completed, the Copy9 recipient name will appear on your credit card statement. Do not be ashamed to use spyware.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are careful and can prevent your children from being in danger. If you have the opportunity to check your child’s online activities to make sure everything is okay, why is this possibility ignored?

With parental control, you can make sure that the children who send messages to their children are their friends, not the bad ones. It’s easy to connect with someone over the internet. That is why you have to be careful when providing online safety for your children.

16. If I am not happy with Copy9, how can I get a refund?

When you purchase any copy9 product packaging, all customers have the right to request a refund if you believe the product does not meet quality standards and is not suitable for use. If you are not satisfied with the Copy9 application, you will receive a refund. But you need to remember some details to consider refund.

Your refund option will only be valid for the first five days from the date of purchase of this package. A Copy9 representative said that five days is enough for you to test the software and experience all the power of Copy9 products to see if you want to use the software. Therefore, if you request a refund within the first 5 days, you will receive a refund. If you decide to cancel your order, a refund may also be made.

Note: If you plan to request a refund, you will need to explain the issue to your Copy9 customer support representative. You need to know why the software is not working and you need to provide proof of the request.

17. How long will it take for the software to be delivered to my home?

The Copy9 software will never send the application to your home. They will email you. Once you have paid for any product package, you will receive an Email from the Copy9 support team with installation instructions and other details. Then you can use it easily and quickly.

18. I purchased Copy9 software but still haven’t received the email, what should I do?

Payments will take some time to be sent. After you purchase your product package, a letter will be sent to your Email after the payment has been confirmed. It takes from several minutes to 24 hours. You will probably leave it in your inbox at a later date.

What do you do without a letter? You should contact Copy9 support for more detailed instructions. You will describe to them your problem and wait for them to solve it for you.

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