Cell Phone Spy Without Installing Apps On The Target Phone

Cell phone spy. You are looking for it. There are many spyware apps available everywhere on Google. Maybe before looking at this article, you did a lot of searching on other websites and everything was not helpful for you. So let’s see ways to Spy Android cell phone without Installing Apps on Target’s Phone.


Remember, it is illegal to spy on other people’s cell phones. You don’t want to find some outdated tips from other articles. So let’s assume all the articles you have read before are just for educational purposes and now we will get right to the point.

How can you spy on a cell phone without installing apps on the target phone? There are a lot of tricks that I have tried out and I will show them all to you, including for Android and iPhone devices.


Install Cell Phone Spy Without Target Device

Over the years, Android phone devices will have increasingly stricter security solutions. Strict background rules to identify the owner are added.

Major espionage companies are trying to keep up with security requirements that increasingly impose more restrictions on programs that operate suspiciously or applications that require too much permission from a mobile device.

I don’t think you want a program that can move all your data anywhere.


In recent years, when more than 10 billion devices are in use, the average person cannot set up a spy program on a cell phone without having access to the target phone.


Of course, you can find lots of videos and articles that say it’s possible to spy on your phone without installing apps. But that is not in 2020.


In most of the methods, these are all blunders and in fact, these methods no longer work as it has been blocked from the latest Android versions. Android versions 6.0 onwards are much more secure and you can’t use old solutions anymore.


Here are some of the current espionage methods. There are a few methods that still work well and I will show you everything, both for Android and iPhone.


Example: We took a few of the top spyware apps and tested the remote installability.


What programs are tested?

copy9 app



Access to the device






five stars




Four stars




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two stars

There are different methods on the network to install an app on a target device. Take a look at the most popular ones.


Does it really work today?

The most common methods for installing third-party apps without accessing the device


Install spy app on mobile device by sending email

Currently, this method is no longer working. The reason is that currently all programs are not launched in stealth mode without notifying the user during installation. About 10 permissions are required during the installation process that requires user approval for the app to work correctly on the device.

Install spyware applications according to the link

Currently, this method is also no longer feasible because you cannot install apps secretly on Android platforms from Android 6.0 and above. Once the link is received, the spy application will be installed as per the same procedure as other normal applications and cannot be installed in the background.

During the installation process, you will need to grant multiple permissions for the spy app to work well in the long run, the number may vary depending on Android phone brands.

Install third-party apps without access to your device with Copy9

Let’s start experimenting with the Copy9 spy program. The Purchase will only cost 30.99 dollars, ok? Compared to other programs the price is very suitable.

The websites of this spyware will always be alert to the need for mandatory physical access to the device you will be monitoring.

copy9 app

On the Copy9 website, right on the homepage.

We took the Copy9 product for testing and it was installed very quickly and could hide the icon on the target’s Android device.

So what do you need to do to install the application on the target’s device to be able to spy?

  1. Sign up on the Copy9 spy program website

Visit Copy9 official website and register.

  1. Download the program to your phone

You use the target’s device to download the apk file by clicking the Download button from the Copy9 website. As a rule of thumb, the downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder. Then click on the downloaded file and start installing on the target’s device. Don’t worry that everything appears to be installed automatically, just accept the permissions requested by the application. Then login to the account you registered in step 1 for the app to add this device to your spy account in Copy9 .

  1. Start seeing what you have made

Your access here to log in to your registered account. You can then see all the data that the Copy9 application has spied on on your target device. All features are on the left side and you can choose to see each in detail.


Now you realize that you won’t be able to install the app on another device without having physical access to the target device. If you do not install the application correctly, you will not be able to see any data sent to your account.

For many other spy apps, you need root access to use it and not get all the functionality like Copy9 . Interestingly, you don’t need to root your device to use Copy9.


Install third-party applications without access to the device on the Mspy website.

The FAQ section of this software page has a clear answer about the inability to install the application without access to the utility.

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How To Install Third-Party Apps Without Access To Android Devices Today?

There are several variants in action at the moment. Chances are, they won’t work in the future, or there will be alternative methods of accessing the required equipment.

Copy9 has also tried offering a monitoring app preset service on new devices

You need to buy a new phone and install the Copy9 application on it, after checking the successful installation of the Copy9 spy application, you can give this device to the target audience as a gift and you were able to follow them from a distance. The downside of this type is that you have to spend extra money on equipment and it’s possible that the target user will be suspicious of the new device you gave them. But this is also a good idea that you should try.

How to track a cell phone without installing any software on the target phone: for iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone and are confused about how to track a target’s smartphone / iPhone without installing any spyware on their device, here’s how.

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First you will need to obtain the victim’s Apple ID and password. Once you have it, all is ready!

  • Visit mSPY official website
  • Register for an account and go to the dashboard
  • Insert the target device’s Apple ID and Password.
  • Start monitoring.

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