Best Free Samsung Voice Recorder 2020

Can a Samsung voice recorder be used to track smartphone activity and support call recording? We explore the possibilities by looking at the voice recording features and we assure you yes, it can record your surroundings and record calls whenever you want it to work as well. similar to the Copy9 application that we will introduce in 2nd place.

Currently, most smartphones have a voice recording application, and if you accidentally uninstall it or it’s not available, you can download it from an online store or reputable website. Samsung voice recorder have become very popular in recent years as smartphones are widely known because they are a useful tool for professionals or individuals to capture moments when needed. Especially, Samsung voice recording application is an application that is highly appreciated on Google Play and is trusted by users of Samsung phone companies because of its flexibility. However, can the recorder be used as a tool to track your child’s phone activity or someone you want to monitor? We solved this question by analyzing the features of the Samsung recorder and comparing it with the phone monitoring Copy9 application.

What is a Voice Recorder?

To use the recorder as a spy tool, we have to understand what the recorder will do. Voice recorder application is an application to record sound on the phone device, it can record at any time even when you are on the phone for others. The recorder allows you to record the audio input of the microphone or the headphone jack of the device. The recording application stores audio as digital files (.3GP, .Mp3, .MP4, .MPGE). Recording applications are often used for the following purposes:

  • Memorize ideas quickly – Music composers get ideas at impromptu times, the voice recording application will help store those great ideas.
  • Improve presentation skills – Help presenters save their voices so they can listen and revise the necessary areas that they have not satisfied.
  • Foreign language learning – In addition to recording, the app can also playback to you foreign language lessons so you can improve your new language listening skills.
  • Record meetings – Professionals use audio recorders to take notes of important information.
  • Help investigators – Criminal investigators record criminal interrogation paragraphs as evidence of the crime.

Special recording app that can help you spy on the target’s smartphone. You can record what is said in calls and sounds between the target and others. Sadly, most voice recorders are not equipped to be used as smartphone spyware because you can only record your actions and not others. What you need is an app that works like a tape recorder but records the activity of others on the phone every time they call or someone calls so you can manage your kids or your wife. to be able to detect if they are adultery.

The Samsung Voice Recorder

With over a billion users having downloaded their phones, the Samsung voice recorder is the best voice recording application for the Android operating system. The application has been praised by the majority of Samsung phone users for its ability to record audio and produce good sound quality, easy to use. Samsung Voice Recorder provides all the features of the audio recorder that other applications and along with other features are:

  • It can choose a variety of recording modes.
  • It can help you verbally edit the voice and sound.
  • Voice memo: Make it easy for you to convert your familiar voice into text.
  • Highlight the key points in the record.
  • Play records quickly with the list view.
  • You can easily edit or rename the recording file according to your preferences.
  • The recording can be played in the background when you use the lotus with another application.
  • Control media like ‘Skip and’ Pause.
  • It can help you share your recordings with your close friends quickly.

Here is the link for you to download the application:


How Does Copy9 Work As A Recorder?

Copy9 is a mobile tracking application designed to give you the means to track a smartphone running the Android operating system. This app is designed for concerned parents, worried spouses and bosses who want to improve productivity.

  • Record every incoming call or outgoing call through call recording software.
  • It helps you see what your children or people you want to monitor are messaging with all social networking applications.
  • It helps you get to your child’s or someone’s contact list.
  • Get all the applications currently installed on the phone.
  • Track location via GPS.
  • Call log list – You can see who your kids contacted the most.
  • Text message list – View the target phone message people regularly.
  • It can also help you take screenshots of your phone’s activity or take pictures from the front or back camera so you can know where your kids are or what they’re doing.


Copy9 can be used as a Samsung voice recorder or other brands of phones because it is compatible with the Android operating system. The recording surround feature on Copy9 works like a standard recorder with one difference: The normal voice recording software only works when you press the record button and it cannot record calls like Copy9. With a recording feature that includes both the mic and the speakerphone, you can record all calls on your child’s smartphone or target audience. The voice recording feature is very simple and intuitive to use on the Copy9 dashboard.

If you want to unleash the potential of a Samsung voice recorder to use your kid’s or spouse’s phone call tracking then consider using Copy9, which is a great application that can help you do just that. Easily. Mobile tracking application has a number of features, one of which is voice recording from the surroundings or recording every time an incoming or outgoing call.


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