5 Free Voice Recorder for Android

Android Voice Recorder

In today’s modernized society almost everyone uses a smartphone. There may be many situations in which you want to use the recorder. If you are a reporter who wants to record an interview, or if you want to record an important lecture that you can listen to again, you can use the recorder available on your Android device for a variety of purposes. friend. You may also need an android recorder if you want to record your kid’s singing so you can give them their own sweet voice or just record funny jokes to share with friends. and relatives. Stay tuned for the 5 apps that we are about to introduce below.

5 Free Voice Recorder for Android

     1. Smart Voice Recorder
     2. Audio Recorder
     3. Easy Voice Recorder
     4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
     5. RecForge II

1. Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is the best voice recording application for android operating system for long time recording. you’ll be able to change the sound quality of your recordings easily, you can adjust the microphone gain to your liking, and separate the recording from other audio files. Smart recorder will know automatically skip long periods of time without sound so you can save the necessary sound. The app is free to download, and if you find an in-app ad annoying or bothering you, you can purchase the $ 1.50 app to remove ads from the app. You will also be able to share your recordings with other apps like Facebook, Instagram, Hack WhatsApp

  • It is easy for you to use.
  • Automatically detect and delete excess silent time and interfering noises.
  • Adjust the microphone to your liking.
  • The application may still record sound when you turn off the device screen.free-voice-recorder-for-android-2

2. Audio Recorder

This is one of the simplest and easiest-to-use Android recording apps available for those who don’t like to edit things. Sony Mobile Communications has developed the Audio Recorder application and is the default recording application on Sony devices ever. It is very easy to use and understand it supports the basic features of a recording application such as recording, saving and uploading audio recorded on different platforms. The recorder has new features to help make sound quality clearer in more detail. Sony provides this application for free for all devices using the Android operating system.

  • Easy to use and free.
  • You can pause recording or continue recording on the same file.
  • Support many types of microphones.


3. Easy Voice Recorder

As introduced to you by its name, Easy Voice Recorder will provide you with a simple and easy to use interface for recording everything. In addition to the basic features like the above applications, which are recording, saving and sharing records, it also has a great feature that it can help you change the file format quickly without you You need to use 3rd party software to convert the files. You can choose the audio quality with file encoding of various options. The Easy Voice recorder also works in sleep mode, and it has keyboard shortcuts so you can record with one click for quick recording. It can also record audio of the device you are using nearby. To remove ads you will have to pay $ 4.50 for that, some advanced features will be locked in the free version.

  • Easily change the input quality of the audio.
  • Support easy-to-use interface and shortcut keys for easy recording.
  • Can record directly when you turn off the screen or use other applications.


4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

  • Simple interface to use and reliable.
  • Automatically upload records to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Record audio in MP3 format.


5. RecForge II

RecForge II is an android application that supports 5th recording that we would recommend to you. It is used to record high quality audio and is useful for recording dialogues of presentations or meeting meetings. You can track the recording directly and can schedule it before and until the time you set it up will automatically record it for you, it also supports converting and editing records, etc. It like the above two applications has a simple user interface and is very easy to use. You can record anything in just over 5 minutes in the file format. However, if you want a longer recording time per recording, you can upgrade to the pro version for $ 3.78.

  • Support many ability to configure options.
  • It can eliminate unnecessary silent audio parts.
  • You can also schedule a recording.
  • The application can run well when you turn off the screen.


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